NUMSA condemns the mass murder of Palestinians by apartheid Israel

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) condemns in the strongest terms Apartheid Israel’s mass murder of unarmed demonstrators who were protesting against the opening of the U.S.
Embassy in Jerusalem. At least 55 people were killed and 2400 protestors were wounded when they were shot at by the Israeli Defence Force yesterday. They were demonstrating against the decision by U.S. president Donald Trump to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and recognize it as the capital of Israel.
Zionist Apartheid Israel is a hostile brutal state which has launched an unrelenting war against the people of Palestine for the past 70 years. In 1948, the Zionist state of Israel was established inside historical Palestine. Around 15,000 Palestinians were killed, some 800,000 people displaced and 531 Arab villages destroyed in attacks by armed Jewish groups at the time.
Apartheid Israel has unleashed a campaign of terror against the people of Palestine in the following ways:
–       It has implemented a barrage of racist laws against the Palestinian people.
–       It is responsible for the wanton destruction of people’s homes
–       It has stolen land, property and other valuables from the people
–       It has arrested tortured and murdered civilians and children for participating in protests against the brutality of the state
The decision by the U.S. to recognize Jerusalem was an act of extreme provocation against the people of Palestine. Apartheid Israel acts with impunity because it has the financial and military backing of the imperialist U.S. government.
NUMSA has noted the decision by the South African government to recall the Ambassador to Israel in protest against the aggression of Israel.  Whilst this is certainly a step in the right direction much more needs to be done. We demand the immediate expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from South Africa and that all trade ties between the two countries must be severed.
We should have no dealings with Apartheid Israel and we must double our efforts to pressurize the rest of the world into doing the same. NUMSA supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns against Apartheid Israel and we call on all our comrades on the continent and around the world to reject the racist tyrannical state of Israel.
NUMSA declares its full support for the people of Palestine as they mobilise for the “Great March of Return” to mark the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba (disaster), when Apartheid Israeli was created, and to protest against the U.S. moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Tens of thousands of Palestinians intend to breach the Israeli security fence today on Tuesday 15 May, to assert their right to return to the homes which, in 1948, their parents and grandparents were forcibly expelled.
NUMSA supports the pickets and demonstrations which have been planned for today and we stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine. We call on our comrades in different parts of the globe to support this just campaign.
Aluta continua!
The struggle continues!
Issued by Irvin Jim
NUMSA General Secretary
For more information contact:
Phakamile Hlubi-Majola
NUMSA National Spokesperson