Women unite to inspire change

Since  1990  the  worsening  economic  conditions  in  Zimbabwe  has  found  many women  looking  to  the  informal  sector  to  ease  their plight  but  instead  cross  border traders found themselves being harassed  and facing police brutality.
Zimbabwe  Congress  of  Trade  Unions  (ZCTU)  joined  the rest  of  the  world  in
commemorating International Women’s Day, March 8.
For  ZCTU  this  day  was  a  day  to  reflect  on  gender  in itiatives  and  policies and  map the way forward under the theme “Women Unite and Inspire Change”.  The harsh economic environment ZCTU  marched  to  the  community  hall,  Harare,  ZCTU’s Women  Advisory  Council (WAC)  chairperson  Mirriam  Katumba  spoke  of  the  need to  create  an  enabling environment for women.
“Where  conditions  do  not  exist  for  women  to  participate  effectively  in  decision
making processes, it is incumbent upon all of us to help in the  creation of enabling
environment for the advancement of women. It is high time for women to stand and
be counted, to seek higher positions than just are voters…
Women demanded an end to labour market flexibility; free sanitary wear for women; free access to basic health care and maternity services; free treatment and care for breast,  cervical  and  prostate  cancer;  stop  to  women abuse,  rape  and  sexual
harassment  of  citizens  at  boarders  and  domestication  of  all  International  Labour Organisation (ILO) Core Conventions.
Mirriam  Chipunza  is  an  Assistant  to  GS,  National  Engineering  Workers  Union (NEWU), Zimbabwe