Illiteracy on the rise

Investing in our Education will benefit citizens and lead to economic growth.
Education in sub-Sahara Africa is in crisis. Children of the region are not equipped in the basics of reading and application of mathematics, regardless of whether they are at school or not.
Should this remain we will see children from poor families dropping out of school.
The poor will become poorer. Inequality in education needs to be addressed
immediately. Is the quality of education offered by state school s compromising our future leaders? It is clear that funds that are meant to improve our education did not eliminate the problem.
Qualified and well trained teachers are needed.  More schools needs to be built not castles.  Investing in our education will benefit citizens and lead to economic growth… with this challenges one can ask if the 37% pass mark will give us an opportunity to alter the current crisis we facing?
Cynthia Mashaba