Numsa Western Cape region links shop floor struggle with community struggles

Numsa Western Cape regional protestHow we got to be involved, is through a shop steward who is a REC delegate comrade Charles January.

He understood clearly what do we mean when we said we must be involved in the community struggles. Over the weekend of the 22nd – 23rd February 2014 we resolved to be involved in the Manenberg Gang Violence solution. 

Comrade Charles January stays in Bontehewel (see his picture on one of the photos) which is the neighbouring township of Mannenberg and is also affected by the gang violence. He gave me a call on Tuesday afternoon the 4th March 2014, informing me that there would be a community meeting on Wednesday evening the 5th March 2014 at 18:00.

I immediately circulated e-mails to all the comrades who could make themselves available on that evening. We attended that meeting with some few comrades and had opportunity to canvas our campaign against Employment Tax Incentive Act.

They were impressed and we hope to gain hegemony in that community and move to many other communities. 

People of Bontehewel have decided to take back their streets and do away with women & child abuse, crime, gangsterism which keeps their children away from school, etc. 

See attached, their pamphlet for more details

During the march, NUMSA had been mentioned as the only trade union that had contributed in that activity. We have assisted that community with the pamphlets printing and we were there in support of the march.