FAWU wishes NUMSA a succesful Special National Congress

The Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU) takes this opportunity to wish our fraternal sister union and working class formation in the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) a successful Special National Congress on 17-20 December 2013.
NUMSA has been at the forefront of waging working class struggles against the Stateunleashed neoliberal offensive as exemplified by the National Development Plan (NDP), labour brokers, youth wage subsidy romanticised as employment tax incentives, and etolls as well as workplace battles against intensified exploitation at a point of production.
As one of many of the invited guests, FAWU will use this opportunity to engage with robust debates that will unfold on all matters before congress.
We particularly welcomed the debates on the challenges facing our federation, COSATU, and the intention to still remain an affiliate and work on re-claiming COSATU as a militant and campaigning union, a sign of a healthy living organism, as opposed to the federation becoming a museum unable to wage spirited campaigns against neoliberal offensive by the state and class terror by capital.
We wish NUMSA a successful special congress proceedings and fruitful outcomes.
For more information call the General Secretary, Katishi Masemola, at 082 467 2509
General Secretary