Dear Numsa News

Whenever Numsa is about to engage in wage negotiations, all the factors that can influence our demands are quickly changed to make it seem that its demands are unreasonable, which is blackmail.

Secondly, all these manufacturers are not South African companies – they originate in Europe, and the profits generated leave the country regardless of the incentives these companies get from the government. These come from the taxes we workers pay every week.

I find it unacceptable that our increases are not compared to what other workers are earning around the world, as the CEOs of these companies do. It is as if out government is subsidising these CEOs.

Our wages should be compared to those of workers in Europe and other First World countries because Numsa members produce First World-quality products.

Increases in the CPI are also a no-go area for the 2013 wage negotiations; Numsa negotiators should go for real increases and demand real training. Learnerships should be extended to permanent workers, as well as graduates and experiential training for metal workers who possess qualifications.

The NDP makes it clear that Cosatu’s affiliates will continue to be stepladders for people look down on us and see us as puppets.

Workers are human beings, not condoms. Workers contribute to the well-being of this country, but some ANC officials continue to kick us in the teeth and only recall that there is an alliance just before elections.

The affiliates need to look for their own alternative. Some people in South Africa die of over-eating, while the majority are dying of hunger and poverty.
Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi and Numsa general secretary Irvin Jim must be defended and those fighting against them must be eliminated and destroyed. Tambo once said, ‘be vigilant comrades, the enemy is vigilant.’

Lastly, our compromises continue to haunt us. Our leaders need to be defended at all costs. Desmond Tutu once said, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, then you have chosen the side of the oppressors.”
Our government is joining hands with the enemy, they neglected the freedom charter.

Comrades let’s go to Marikana and build our own mountain, it is in

Simon Selokoma, Ford Eastern cape

Dear Numsa News,
I would like to thank you for inviting us to come from Namibia to support our comrades in the National Bargaining conference (NBC).
Since I am from a small union which is still growing, I have learnt the way the workers and leaders stand together to demand their share from employers.

South Africa’s workers have hope and strength and I hope they will achieve what they are demanding. In Namibia we don’t have a NBC, but from this experience, I will do my level best to introduce it within our motor and tyre industries in Namibia and we will be asking for Numsa’s help.

Thank you. I have learnt a lot more on day two, three and four of the NBC.

Benedicts Naimbanga is from (Metal and Allied Namibian Workers Union)