My deepest fear

My deepest fear

By Puke Magdeline

I know that in this world some of us have a gift for,

I believe that we all having an intention in our lives,
To see ourselves having a brighter future,
To see ourselves having the right education,

And all the fine-looking things life may intend to bring.
I see myself as a next academy award winner,

I see myself driving a luxurious car,
And deep down I believe my dreams will come true.

My deepest fear is:
What are the dreams of boys and girls, who live on the streets everyday?
Begging for money for something to eat,
Living in boxes, bins stealing from others and forgetting that they are doing evil?
Are they forgotten, abandoned or are they just shinning to do that?

What if God who knows everything takes away that shine in some of us

And give to someone else?
Well I know and understand that every child in this world,

Was made to shine in regardless of who
they are and where they come from.

Puke Magdeline is a grade 10 pupil at Hwiti high school