SAPS should to address critical issues

Instead of militarising the police, the leadership of the SAPS should address the following critical issues in line with the resolutions of the ANC’s Polokwane conference:

• The constitutional imperative that there be a single police service should be implemented.

• The municipal, metro and traffic police, be placed under the command and control of the national commissioner of the SAPS, as a force multiplier.

• The SAPS should engage traditional leaders, who should be mobilised to play a more significant role in promoting peace and stability in rural areas.

• Young people should be involved in a massive programme of community policing and safety that would include night street patrols, with stipends paid by government as part of the national youth service to instill the values of serving and protecting the community and public property amongst the youth.

• There is a need for a firm resolution on social crime prevention.

• Police stations must be centres for coordinating mass mobilisation against crime.
We repeat that the remilitarisation of our members and society should be rejected.


Numsa News No 2 2010