SDC/COSATU activists paint Mbabane Red

SDC/COSATU activists paint Mbabane Red

5 September 2011

The Swaziland Democracy Campaign (SDC) composed of COSATU activists led by the federation’s 2nd Deputy President Cde Zingiswa Losi has joined their counterparts in Swaziland for the Global Week of Action as organised by the Swaziland Democracy Campaign (SDC) and internal progressive forces under the auspices of the Swaziland United Democratic Front (SUDF) to exert pressure to the unelected and illegitimate King Mswati regime to surrender power to the people as a whole.

A throng of 5000 workers have converged at Mbabane, Gwamile Street, right at the bastion of the heinous and barbaric Tinkhundla regime. The message by these workers to the regime which has lust for opulent lifestyle and has plunged the country into an economic crunch is clear; the regime must go and allow the people to democratically elect its own government that will be accountable to the people of Swaziland.

The hyena’s days are numbered since all the hyenas in north of Africa have been toppled by popular revolts, the hyena has no place to run or hide, power must be handed-over to the democracy and freedom thirsty people of Swaziland.

The demonstration will be addressed by the leadership of the SUDF, and Cde Zingiswa Losi will address on behalf of the biggest federation in the continent, a giant federation in Southern Africa, that continues to be friends in the trenches with the people of Swaziland, a fearless voice against the dictatorship regime of King Mswati and the Royal family, a shield and spear against state brutality meted against oppressed people, a militant opponent to suppression of human and worker rights by powerful elites across our borders, a genuine ally to the progressive forces in Swaziland.

Cde Losi will be addressing these workers with her tails behind her back given the unstrategic decision by our own South African government to grant King Mswati’s regime a bail-out or loan that will be squandered through his lavish lifestyle and good taste for niceties amidst the squalor and suffering endured by the people of Swaziland.

Cde Losi will truthfully tell the people of Swaziland that all the 2, 2 million workers in South Africa are opposed to the dastardly decision taken by our government to concede to the King’s request for a bail-out. To the workers and the democratic loving South Africans, the loan or bail-out represents the opposite of what our government and the ANC represents in its political and international posture.

The delegation of COSATU is fully behind the demands of the Swaziland democratic forces. The demands are as follows;

· Unbanning of political parties and introduction of multiparty democracy;

· Abolition of the traditional, undemocratic Tinkhundla system;

· Release of political prisoners and the return of all exiles;

· No to austerity policies and an end to all corruption;


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