Precarious work

Precarious work/casualisation – what you say!The International Metalworkers Federation coordinated an international day of action against casualisation/precarious work in October 2008.

This is what readers have to say about precarious work. Write and tell us your experience.

I read the August issue of Numsa News about the strike at Hendler and Hart. The September issue states that the dispute was still not resolved although workers went back to work.

Management also refused to bring back workers to the primary employer. We as Numsa should really give these comrades our full support through the struggle. Labour brokers are killing us as the working class.

We as workers will enjoy no benefits as long as we are employed under a labour broker. Members are always deprived of any benefits due to them.

Capitalists will for example pay the labour broker for public holidays but workers will never see such monies. When they query that, the labour brokers will tell them that they do not pay for holidays. Comrades at Hendler and Hart, we as Numsa members have heard your cry.

Fight for what is right and know that there is no time to rest in the struggle against capitalists. Like the slogan says: "The more things change.. the more they stay the same!"Lucien Windwaai, Bell-Essex Engineering

Unite to take on the sub-contractorsAll concerned shop stewards should wake up and do something about the plight of innocent workers who are being unfairly dismissed by their employers, especially sub-contractors.

Winifred George was fired for gathering leftovers for her dog. Another old woman who had worked for Fedics for 18 years was fired when she was found eating a chicken with a friend, a chicken that was not suitable to be sold to customers.

Shop stewards and ordinary workers should devise strategies to engage the bosses at all levels and challenge them in every industry. But without unity we will be fighting a losing battle.Numsa has a proud and militant history.

It is arguably the strongest Cosatu affiliate. Perhaps Numsa should form a shop steward structure for all these companies that have these sub-contractors. The main focus would be to organise and address these workers at quarterly general meetings.

Only a radical trade union movement can address the plight of low paid, forgotten employees.Vuyisile ka Fundakubi, VWSA

Thumbs up for temporary workers at FeltexAt motor company, Feltex, shop steward Wilfred Masimini won a case at the Motor Industries Bargaining Council that made more than 100 temporary workers permanent from October 30.

In the future the company has also agreed that it will not use labour brokers for permanent positions, but will only use their services when there are fluctuations in business.

If you have a story to tell about how you have won rights for temporary workers, please write and tell us and if possible send us photos of yourselves. e-mail to


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