From the Shopfloor: Let’s learn Cuba and Venezuela

Future direction

So where to from here? Has every hope to restore economic balance in South Africa gone with the deaths of Slovo, Chris Hani and Mbuyi Ngwenda?Not for once! As long as a fierce opposition towards capitalism exists, the struggle to replace this evil however long this takes, continues. Too many deaths are recorded from the liberation struggle against apartheid. Triple those deaths of martyrs if you want for the sake of this onward venture against capitalism and every available communist will be sought to engage his or her will for the implementation of socialism.Just where do we begin? There is great work to be done. Know this, the battle has long started, though you may be falling behind. Yes, it is about time to come up with a party to be spearheaded by the working class. One is already calling the shots.

The SACP must move from being a vanguard party to a mass party. This organisation must be pushed to be broadly based amongst societies, from the workers, to the unemployed, to students, to teachers, lawyers, academics, churches, farm labourers. Wherever you find a restless or non-restless human soul, educate him or her about his or her needed role within the SACP and the future that lies in socialism.As for the party itself: it must do more than it is doing. As for the alliance, together with Cosatu, the SACP must quit. It’s about time to act as desired.

The tripartite alliance has done its virtues. So these inseparable twins must use the umbilical cord that binds them (workers) to launch a workers’ party.There will be repercussions here and there, but then as workers, we mean business. So come one, come all.The SACP must carry out thorough studies behind progress in countries where socialism is the order of the day and report back to the masses. If westerners hide behind the failures of socialism, say in Poland where Solidarity Free Trade Union was eventually outvoted, we’ll learn from them. If Frederick Chiluba’s trade union party failed the Zambians, we’ll learn from there. We won’t leave any stones unturned. Instead, we’ll pick up every bit of lesson and refer for future reference.

South Africans are a blessed nation. Ask the USA, Britain, Germany, France, in fact ask the G-8. We are even favoured by the kingdom of God to go through no tsunami, earthquakes, Katrina or Rita.As for the workers themselves, the message is out. Push forth for the socialist dream! It is real! As workers we dig gold and diamonds we cannot possess. We manufacture tyres and assemble cars very few of us manage to buy or hire. We plough and sow plantation-fields, but we can never reap for ourselves. Our sisters scrub the floors, wash large curtains and prepare luxurious bedrooms they cannot afford. Now is the cry suitable to announce: “Forward with socialism”.Remember one thing. Some mines have been closed, valuable assets have been privatised, important services in big industries have been outsourced. Unemployment in South Africa is high above the imaginations of the ruling class.

Comrades, fellow countrymen, workers, priests and poets. Hear my say! In the general elections of 2009, we’ll support the ruling party for the last time! Thereafter the SACP must go it alone. At least even if we do not make it then, we’ll come back for more. We will have done enough to be a vigorous official opposition.As for those who like to ask “just who is talking”, my reply is simple. I am whoever I am. I am the anger of the spirit of my ancestors, with one bold vision, socialism there shalt be. Share the dream!