Sport: Stalwart honoured!

In the early 1980s, Mawu (one of the unions that merged to form Numsa) was just beginning to organise the big steel plants in Mpumalanga. One worker at Highveld Steel who stood out from the rest was Frank Boshielo.Residing in Highveld Steel’s hostel, he was instrumental in recruiting workers not just from his own workplace but other plants around as well. He worked tirelessly and fearlessly to solidly build organisation in a workplace and an area that was wracked with racism and where putting your head above the rest could get you fired.Boshielo served as a Numsa shop steward before becoming an organiser for Numsa and then subsequently became the first regional secretary for the new Highveld region (now called Mpumalangan).In recognition of his long years of service to Numsa, the Union’s Mpumalanga region has just opened its new offices and named the building after Boshielo. Halala cde Frank!