Politics: Key decisions of the 3rd Cosatu Central Committee (CC)

Cosatu’s Third Central Committee met in August to discuss a range of issues. Below is a very brief summary.

The meeting stressed that government policy “will only favour the working class if workers and the poor organise and act to support their demands.” To achieve this, successful actions like June 27 will have to be repeated again and again.

The meeting resolved to:* launch a campaign to “Pick up the gains” which will ensure that “every worker in every workplace enjoys their rights under the law”.* take up an anti-racism campaign * act against sexual harassment and the abuse of women and children* work with Naledi to audit government policy, particularly its industrial strategy, and present a report to the November 2005 Central Executive Committee. Delegates also called on the government and employers to recommit themselves to Nedlac.* ensure that workers use their leverage as trustees of retirement funds to “broaden social ownership, discipline capital and achieve other social and economic objectives.”* stamp out corruption and deal with it aggressively.