Living on the edge

Khuliswa Hamele is a widow working at Peddie Motors in Peddie. She tells Fumanekile Phumaphi the challenges of working at the petrol station. .

When did you start working with your current employer?

In 1999.

Do you have any dependants?

Yes, my two daughters Sinolwethu (11) and Athini (7).

It must be tough raising them?

Yes, even though we have gone a long way since 1999.

How do you survive?

It is difficult because I have to pay rent for my flat, pay transport for my school kids and other necessary things.

The increase must be important to you?

Yes it is important.

Do you have any particular demand that is so important in the list of demands that were presented to employers?

I can’t single out one demand but the night shift allowance and also the funeral cover by the bargaining council are very important. All the demands are very much realistic. Area differentials should be abolished.