Poetry: Historic workers’ parliament

Drums of wisdom beat Echoes are heard all over the globe Tapping of workers’ feet started And the rhythm is of the past Songs of freedom combined with body movement With courage and enthusiasm Workers’ unity and strength is now consolidated In month with only four days of activism Coming from the east and west North and south And around the globe – to the biggest workers’ parliament Where democracy and accountability is the blood of the organisation Praises all over the globe flock to Gallagher Estates To praise the rise of the giant To the new challenges. The workers’ parliament is now in session All rise up! President is presiding Mission one is accomplished Yes! A giant has risen again To bring down the forces of capitalism Days are counted A deadline is in place No more shall we be treated like mules No more shall we be divided No more shall we be tortured for our right to be union members Labour laws are human rights No border shall divide us Today or tomorrow – together we are one For unity and solidarity forever will make us strong Through the union we are better connected In a month – for four days of activism Towards 2015 – for quality jobs The melody increases Chanting continues The last day of the parliament is near For no race can be run without the workers For freedom is what we want The workers’ militia is ready The army of the people Labour power is the angel of the ghettos For the distance is shorter – the running is gaining momentum To consolidate the working class power for quality jobs Towards 2015 And the beat continues Chanting is connected To a month with four days of activism. (composed on the occasion of Cosatu’s 8 th National Congress, Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg , September 2003)