Negotiation Briefs

As Numsa News went to print, negotiations were continuing in engineering, motor and Eskom.

In engineering, parties were to meet on July 1. Find out details of the latest offer from your nearest office or your shop steward. In motor, the next round of negotiations was to take place from 2-3 July. As Numsa News went to print, only one region had accepted the offer. Chances are high that Numsa will declare a dispute with employers.

Eskom workers mobilise

Eskom workers are getting ready to mobilise after management in mid-June offered them 9% across the board on actual rates. Trade unions' demand was for a 20% increase. At the latest round of negotiations, trade unions reduced their demand to a 14% increase.

Parties were to meet again on July 2.The 9% offer on wages comes after Eskom awarded its managers a gainsharing bonus of up to 20 times more than workers. "Workers should get a proportional share of the gainsharing bonus," says Phutas Tseki, Numsa Eskom full-time shop steward, "the gap can't be this big!" Get the full details from your shop steward or contact full-time shop stewards – Mosanku P Tseki 082 498 5840; Wallace Reading 082 682 3066; Ellios Ntini 082 703 6740; Sadam Radebe 082 744 0727; Nathaniel Kgoete 083 758 6722. The new rates for workers in the auto and tyre manufacturing companies were to be finalised at the beginning of July 2003. Get details from your shop stewards.


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