National Bargaining Conference: Frustrated or prostated?

Debates around gender are often hotly contested in the union. For once the issue wasn't around equality but touched on the more sensitive area of the human anatomy and its biological implications in the workplace.

For a long time now Numsa has demanded and won compulsory pap smears for our female comrades. Because this victory is not evenly spread across all our sectors, delegates at the 2003 NBC demanded that pap smear tests be treated as a core demand as the union enters a new round of collective bargaining.

Not to be outdone, the overwhelming majority of male delegates responded positively when one region tabled that all male comrades should equally have their prostate glands tested – just to avoid any malfunction that could adversely affect the male libido.

The NBC agreed. But only after Comrade Selinah Tyikwe, in a medical sort of way, explained the biological necessity of a pap smear test. As for being frustrated over your prostate – Don't worry! Our NBC will take care of that.

And if you are still worried about your libido, take consolation from the fact that problems associated with the prostate are more likely to occur during the sunset years and not when your hormones are high and the adrenaline is pumping. And if you still don't believe me, ask our beloved Madiba or comrade Arch!


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