Charmed by Afro-pop

Album: IsizaloArtist: SliqangelReviewed by: Ayanda Billie

It did not take me much time to decide that Sliqangel music is a fully-baked cake that stands to give tough competition to today’s sound. It is difficult not to be charmed by the 13-track album especially if you are into the Afro-pop style.

The singer/guitarist Sliq album opens with a spoken word intro, “jazz sounds of saxophones married me to landscapes what I am a young man with a jazz heartbeat, funky toes and my soul is neobut on the flipside.

I’m pimpified by all means dignified by all deeds and cultured from pure seeds . . . welcome to it let’s do it!â€┬ŁAfter the intro your heartbeat flows with the first song and then you realize each song has a story to tell.

Most of the songs are in isi-Xhosa and that makes you wonder if the artist is not limiting himself, not all those who sing in their indigenous languages make it like Mama Mirriam Makeba.Song number two Izimuncumuncu keeps you mesmerize by the magical voice of Sliq.

You go down with the flow of the songs, you will be struck by number five Sthandwa sam ft siya you will be filled by imaginations of love. The most popular air-played song number ten wamayamayaza – that’s were you get the feel of the African beat.

Of all the songs, number fourteen the python is my favourite number, the harmonizing just rides in my mind.After listening to this voice of Sliqangel from East London enhanced by soothing backing vocals and an African rhythm guitar I knew that at such a young age the sky is the limit.

Sliq has proved to be a simple artist and true to his genre. His first album failed to make it to South Africans. This Second album Isizalo has the ability to rise to its rightful place in the local top 20 music rank.

And with proper marketing and distribution Sliq will be heard on radio, seen on TV and in the newspapers. He must take his music to the people, tour and live performances, his music will never fail him. Get up Stand up Sliq.

 Read it and laugh at yourself!

Some Of My Best Friends Are WhiteBy: Ndumiso NgcoboPublished by: Two Dogs (2007)Reviewed by: Mdu Ntuli

This book is refreshing, catchy, hilarious and yet life documenting. It is an account of modern Africans trying to find their space and meaning in urban areas.

He nicely sketches their daily struggles and ridicules their choices in the process.While reading this book I could see my life struggle through his stories and laugh at myself.

The fact that I read and finished this book in the store without buying it, is testament to what Ngcobo is saying about our life.

He asks and exposes real life events, such as:"Why can you never get decent service from a black chick?" He exposes the myth about those who "quickly say they like Indians" as liars.

This book is a must read. I will also buy it as a birthday gift for my friends!


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