MEMS can help!

Many are tired of updates about progress with regard to the computerised membership system (MEMS) and wonder whether it is of any use at all. And now that shop stewards are getting workers to double check their details that have been entered into Numsa’s computer system, there may be more questions.

But for Thabo Godfrey Mgcina, a worker from Macsteel Flanges in Springs local, MEMS could just be his saviour. Mgcina was fired in November 2001 and then reinstated in February 2003. He was again fired in November 2003.

When his organiser, Rolly Xipu, tried to represent him, the employer told him that Mgcina was not a Numsa member and therefore he could not represent him. Nor was there any proof of deductions from his pay slip.

But Xipu and national legal officer, Thando Faku didn’t stop there. They got MEMS staff to search the computer for proof that Mgcina was a member. “We found proof that Mgcina was a member and were able to print out the information,” says Dolly Moloi, membership systems co-ordinator. However, the employer is still disputing the fact. Make sure that you check the membership details that Numsa has entered into its membership system. It could safeguard your future!