Politics: Jacob Zuma – where to now?

For a while, Cosatu’s Central Committee demand that the sacking of Zuma be reviewed and all charges against him be withdrawn, threatened to shake the foundations of the alliance.But after weeks of 10-a-side meetings of the alliance, a further meeting of Cosatu’s Central Executive Committee and a meeting of the ANC’s NEC, Cosatu is now satisfied with the process agreed on.Encouraged to take the lead in solving the problem, the ANC’s NEC has agreed that its President and Deputy President will make recommendations to a specially convened ANC NEC on how the NEC should deal with the issue.

In dealing with the problem, it said that the following critical principles that had guided the movement during the process of social transformation must be heeded: * respect for the rule of law. * prevent the abuse of state institutions for personal material gain or personal agendas. * struggle against corruption. * take a principled stand against factionalism as well as ethnic and racial chauvinism, * assert the principle of freedom of speech within the ranks of the movement* battle against careerism* encourage collective leadership * individuals must be guided by the movement’s mandates* leaders should always lead by example.

Support JZ – Have you made your donation yet?Numsa’s September NEC decided that Numsa as an organisation should contribute not less than R50 000 to the Zuma account. It also said it would encourage Numsa members to dip into their pockets.The account is as follows:Friends of Jacob Zuma Trust account with First National Bank Durban – Account Number 62087217818; Branch Code 221426 Funds from this Trust account will be routed directly to the legal team acting for Jacob Zuma in the corruption trial.Check for updates on the funds collected, fund-raising events as well as the trial, suggest fund-raising activities, or send messages of support to Jacob Zuma. The web address is www.friendsofjz.co.zaSMS the word “Zuma” to 36045, and contribute R5 to the fund.