Defy workers to decide on way forward

As Numsa News went to print striking workers at Defy plants in Durban , Ladysmith and East London were to consider management’s latest offer on the service allowance. Workers are demanding a top up on their service allowance. They want an increase of 20c per hour, times 40 hours per week, times each year of service. Employers initially offered a 7,5% increase linked to industry wage negotiations. “But workers were not happy,” says Vukani Ngema, Defy Durban shop steward chairperson. At a conciliation meeting on October 13, the company put its final offer on the table:

Those with 1-9 years service, a 10c increase
those with 10 years and upwards, a 15c increase.
new employees will only be eligible for a service allowance after five years.

Workers have been on strike since October 1.