NUMSA has deadlocked with Gautrain management over wage demands

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) has registered a dispute with the CCMA against the Bombela Operating Company (BOC), which operates the Gautrain. NUMSA is the majority union and the sole negotiating union at the Gautrain. We deadlocked with the bosses at Gautrain over its wage demands. Wage talks began on the 17th of April and we have had two rounds of talks. Our last meeting was on the 11th of June which is when we deadlocked with the employer.

NUMSA’s core demands are:

  1. 13% increase across the board.

  2. On medical aid we want the company to contribute 60% and employees to contribute 40%

  3. Housing allowance of R2000 per employee per month

  4. The BOC was initially a 5-day operation and then it changed to a 6-day operation without compensating workers for the extra work. Workers have not been remunerated for these additional hours and we are demanding that they must be compensated for this. And going forward, they must be paid the overtime rate for the 6th day.

  5. We demand a guaranteed bonus because the bosses at BOC gave themselves and office workers R22 000 each as a bonus. But blue collar workers are denied a guaranteed bonus. They have an incentive bonus which requires that they must first meet certain laid down qualifying criteria, in order to be paid. This is unfair and we demand equal treatment for all workers

  6. We demand full time shopstewards so that they can represent workers in disciplinary enquiries, grievances etc, over time BOC has become hostile to the union and this led to BOC management unilaterally withdrawing a recognition agreement that we had with the company.

We are now waiting for a date for conciliation with the CCMA. We are calling on the bosses at BOC to come back to the table with a proposal that can prevent a strike at Gautrain

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Issued by Irvin Jim

NUMSA General Secretary

Phakamile Hlubi-Majola

NUMSA National Spokesperson


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