The Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party (SRWP) in the Western Cape has come out in numbers to support the SAFTU protest taking place today on Budget Day. The SRWP is demonstrating today to show solidarity with the struggles of the working class and the poor who are struggling under the burden of Capitalism and its failures. We are marching to reinforce the message that true power resides in the hands of the masses, and not in the greedy Capitalist class at Luthuli House.

The Capitalist ANC government will use todays budget speech to pronounce on measures which will worsen the suffering of the working class and the poor. They have already pronounced their intention to unbundle and privatize Eskom. They looted and mismanaged the State Owned Entity to the point where it is hugely debt, and now that it is non the brink of collapse, they want to start over through privatization. The working class will pay for the greed of the ANC through large scale retrenchments, and higher energy costs.

The SRWP also supports the General Strike called for by SAFTU on the 26-27 March, 2019. We will mobilize the working class for a total shut down of the Western Cape. It is time that the working class seizes this historic moment. Genuine transformation for the majority can only happen under the banner of the SRWP. Join the struggle today for a Socialist South Africa, and a Socialist world.

Issued by SRWP Western Cape.

For more information, please contact:

Vuyolwethu Toli

SRWP Acting National Spokesperson


Phakamile Hlubi-Majola

NUMSA National Spokesperson