NUMSA supports the Catalonians call for independence

The National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa (NUMSA) stands in solidarity with the working class in Spain and Catalonia.
We are calling for and expressing internationalist solidarity with the CUP (Candidature d’ Unitat Popular) Party in that country and we support the right to self-determination of the Catalan people and their struggle for radical socialist transformation.
It is our duty as a Marxist-Leninist inspired trade union to uphold and defend the rights of the working class everywhere all over the globe. As NUMSA we will support the CUP as they continue their fight for the independence of Catalonia.
The working class in Spain and Catalonia have endured a sustained attack on their basic rights, falling prey to extreme austerity policies implemented to guarantee the rate of return of capital. Similarly, rampant corruption has gotten to the bone of the political system. Politicians and parties deeply engaged in corrupt practices have taken state power and are trying to misuse state power to gain impunity.
The ruling political parties, both in the Spanish and the Catalan government, have tried to divert public attention and scrutiny, evading their responsibility for engaging in the systematic abuse of their power in favour of their allies: big corporations, financial global powers and local corrupt political allies.
The legitimate request of a growing part of the Catalan working class that sees no option for improving their life conditions and fighting back against the austerity agenda within the Spanish system, has been ignored and met with brutality on the side of the Spanish State. For years, the Catalan people have struggled to regain control of the decisions that affect their lives and to put an end to the systematic oppression of their rights.
The deep political, economic and territorial crises in Spain, which are evident manifestations of the crisis of the capitalist system at a global level, must be resolved with full respect to the human and political rights of the Catalan people, and Catalan political organizations. It is appalling that the escalation of tensions has not been handled responsibly on the side of the Spanish Government, which has consistently denied the possibility of dialogue and negotiation to address the situation.
The people of Catalonia have been denied their right to express themselves freely for a long time. On October 1st, the people engaged in a peaceful and democratic consultation to set the basis for the radical transformation of the country. The response of the Spanish state was brutality and intense repression of the population. The world witnessed the violent crackdown of State security forces on peaceful protesters and voters. Those images have generated legitimate outrage across the globe.
NUMSA stands in solidarity with the CUP against the repressive measures adopted and announced by the Spanish Government against the working class and political leaders and parties in Catalonia. It is high time to show that the solution to the political and economic crisis in Catalonia, Spain, Europe and the world must be built by the working class, putting it at the centre of the struggle for a socialist future.
Aluta continua!
The struggle continues!
Issued by Irvin Jim
NUMSA General Secretary