NUMSA condemns attack on Brazilian Workers’ School

On Friday 4 November about 10 police officers invaded the National Florestan Fernandes School in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a school founded by the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement (MST) to educate and train its members and working class youths and adults from around the world.
The police closed the school gate and jumped the reception window firing shots into the air. The bullet cases at the scene prove that none of them were rubber but lethal.
They have now withdrawn and are outside the front of the building awaiting a warrant of arrest.
Numsa joins the MST in condemning the Sao Paulo police action and demands that the government take firm measures to deal with this situation. The MST is a movement fighting for the democratisation of access to land in the country and not a criminal organisation.
Patrick Craven, Acting Numsa Spokesperson
083 376 7725