United Front welcomes conviction of the police who murdered Mido Macia

The United Front welcomes the judgment handed down in the Pretoria High Court on 25 August 2015, convicting 8 South African Police Service(SAPS) officers for the murder of Mido Macia.
The judgment affirms the rights of all who live in South Africa to freedom from violence and brutality, particularly at the hands of those who are supposed to protect and defend people.
Yesterday’s judgment also serves as a warning to all those SAPS officers who believe that poor, migrant, working class and black lives don’t matter! For too long have the police acted with impunity when it comes to disrespecting the dignity and security of poor black people in particular those who come from other African countries.
Even worse is the fact that the 8 convictees also sought to defend themselves by hiding behind the official xenophobia of the state. We condemn this.
If SAPS members were principled they would renounce the liars who killed Mido Macia, Adries Tatane and our brothers at Marikana. They would renounce all those police who brutalise protestors. Ultimately, we know that this will not happen because the police have the political mandate to repress dissent and to further cheapen black life.
To all who live in South Africa, the United Front calls for sustained action to end police brutality and the rising repression of protest. We also call on the SAPS management not to waste any more resources on any possible appeal against yesterday’s conviction.
It is time that police brutality and official xenophobia must be challenged by all those concerned with democracy, human rights, justice and the transformation of our country.
It is time that we all insist on democratic, accountable policing that serve and protect society from violence and crime, in particular working class communities.
1.    John Appollis – UF Campaigns Coordinator: 073 408 2674;
2.    Dinga Sikwebu – UF Head of Secretariat: 078 457 9855; and
3.    Mazibuko Jara – UF Interim National Secretary: 083 987 9633.