Support for SA metal Numsa members who are on strike for the past two weeks

NUMSA 1st Deputy President, comrade Christine Olivier and United Front Provincial Chairperson comrade Abraham Agulhas, would be addressing striking NUMSA members tomorrow the 4thMarch 2015 at 10:00 at No. 14, Christian Avenue, Epping 2, Cape Town. 
Close to 350 NUMSA members at SA Metal Group Company, with all its branches in the Western Cape, have embarked on an industrial action since Tuesday the 17th February 2015. They have embarked on an indefinite strike after deadlocked wage talks that started on the 8th October 2014. Issues that are in dispute in this company are wage increases and end of the year bonus.
This employer, initially, refused to give increase to the workers, claiming that the business is not doing well. He then claimed that he is contributing 100% workers’ Provident Fund, which is 9% of each worker’s salary.
In order for him to give increase he offered that, he deducts 4% from the 9% that he contributes towards workers’ provident fund and just add 3% to make it a 7% increase.This meant that all workers would get 3% increase from the employer and subsidise themselves bychannelling 4% employer’s contribution towards their provident fund to their wage increases. This would further mean that employer would only make 5% contribution towards their provident fundafter 4% deduction.
Workers have rejected such a move and they are firm on their 10%. Our initial demand was 15% and 4 weeks bonus. Employer was also not willing to give bonus to the workers.
This employer had unilaterally implemented a 6% increase and 2 weeks bonus to our members. This is an increase less than inflation rate and thereby rejected by our members. This company pays workers apartheid wages and our members have remained firm on their 10% increase demand.
This company has workers in the production line who continue to earn about R521 per week.
Down with poverty wage, down’
Contact person;
Vuyo Lufele
NUMSA Western Cape Regional Secretary
Cell – 072 389 0408/078 511 3043