Trade unionists and society at large have a challenge of not wanting to read or write yet they want to be leaders

In my opinion, a leader who is not prepared to read is not pre pared to lead.  My observation is confirmed by the way in which we find union publications lying around.
Even when you take publications to the companies, the next day you find them still lying where you left them. Union publications contain a lot of important information for members.
There is a saying that goes: “If you want to hide something for someone put it in a book on the table.” It goes without saying that people are more attracted to graphics than text in Newspapers. Sometimes I see more people buying Daily Sun and Laduma because these publications are dominated by pictures.
Numsa News offers readers a similar experience, although some articles or commentaries are too long. It is important that articles be kept at a minimum word count. We should encourage reading by writing short and precise articles.
Jack Mamabolo is Numsa JHB North local secretary