Surviving Rape

Bukelwa (not her real name) was raped in front of her to-year-old son and female friends.
The perpetrator came to her house with her female friend carrying a beer; she says and claims a drug was placed in her beer glass. While asleep, Bukelwa says she was raped while her disable (Autistic) child and her friends were inside the house.
“In the morning when I woke up I discovered that my  underwear and my pants were taken off. I could feel that a man slept with me (rape. I didn’t  wash myself as I was going to report the matter to the police.
“To my surprise, the two women who were in the house at the time I was raped said they will deny my rape claim and say that he is my lover,” claims Bukelwa.
She did not report the rape to the police because: “I didn’t have witnesses”. Bukelwa has difficulty sleeping and feels violated.
“I feel that my friends and the perpetrator violated my right. My family is far from me I have no-one near me. It’s only me and my 10-year-old son”.
“I hate the day I was raped (25 may 2013) and now it is hunting me because I can’t live a normal life like other women.  My life is a mess”.
She is unable to have a stable relationship because she is: “Still angry.” Bukelwa is currently receiving psychological counselling.
Victims’ must report the cases to the police immediately.
Ntombizanele Qoma, SWD, local deputy secretary, Western Cape