Roadmap to Engineering Negotiations

Numsa together with other unions in the Engineering sector and employers held the first round of negotiations, last month.  Numsa’s demands were first presented on the 26 -27th March this year and expected the employers to respond to all the demands.
Instead employers demanded that the unions discuss their proposal of Peace Accord (Strike and Picket rules) and Section 37 of the Main Agreement.
Employees were not prepared to respond to other demands such as wages because they believe there’s Agreement on the two issues.
They argue that unions must put contingency plans before starting negotiations. Numsa opposes this. This argument indicates that we are already anticipating a strike even before we start with negotiations. Numsa believes that an issue should be dealt with as and when it arises.
With regard to Section 37 of the Main Agreement, the employer’s argument is that the case that Numsa won against CBI is a threat to the entire collective bargaining process.  Numsa stated that the section 37 issues are being discussed in the sub-committee on the Main Agreement challenges which discussions are planned for 12 – 14 May 2014.
The employers have not yet responded to our demands and raised issues which are not part of anyone’s demands. We must start mobilisation now as a dispute is looms.