Numsa Engineering wage demands 2014


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                                      OUTCOME OF NUMSA NBC WHICH WAS HELD ON THE 10 -12th MARCH 2014
1. Wages
  •  We demand 15% across the board 
2. Duration of the Agreement
  •  One year agreement effective 01st July 2014 to 30th June 2015. 
3. Scope of the agreement
  •  Extend the scope of the council to include Scrap Metals, Mining and Construction.   
4. Labour Brokers
  • Total ban or abolish labour brokers in the industry. 
5. Short Time
  •  Short time must not affect your shifts iro leave enhancement.
  •  After 6 weeks of short time, there must be negotiations on short time and employer must be forced to provide training through MERSETA and many other solutions to end short time will be determined
  • We must replace consultation during short time and engage on negotiations
  • Short time should not exceed the minimum hours of 36
  • The Industry must establish a fund that will cater for short time 
6. Allowances

6.1. Shift Allowance

  • Morning shift -10%,
  • Afternoon shift -15%,
  • Night shift -25%
  • Transport must be paid by the company. 

       6.2. Housing Allowance

  • We demand a housing allowance of not less than R2500 per month payable to each worker in the industry. 
7. Training and Career Path
  •  Introduce a ratio for apprentice e.g. for every five apprentices employ one artisan.
  • Guarantee all apprentices employment
  • 100 % payment for training.
  • Current employees must not be expected to resign from employment if they take apprenticeship.
  • Training should not be limited to certain courses 
8. Leave

 8.1. Sick Leave /IOD/Illness

  • 15 days per annum and it must accumulate over a period of three years
  • IOD should be paid 100% by the employer and the employer will claim from the Compensation fund.
  • One day paid leave medical check-up. 

8.2. Maternity leave

  • Realign the agreement on maternity leave to sick pay fund
  • Limitation to the number of pregnancies should be removed.
  • Shifts must not be affected for taking maternity leave.    

       8.3. Family Responsibility Leave

  • 5 days per occurrence without any exception.
  • Accumulative clause must be applicable on all events
  • Extend the definition of family in relation to compassionate and sick leave to cover parents.
  • Shifts must not be affected. 

8.4. Annual Leave

  • We demand a minimum of 20 days leave per annum

8.5. Leave Enhancement Pay

  • Increase LEP from 8.33% to15% 
9. Worker’s rights

 9.1. Shopstewards Time –off

  • We demand a minimum of 30 days for shop stewards.
  • Shop stewards should not lose shifts for the leave granted for union activities and training.
  • Amend the Section 44, 46 & 47 of the Main Agreement (reasonable to be changed to unlimited time-off ) 

9.2. Youth Wage Subsidy (Employment Incentive Tax)

  • No company in our industry should be allowed to implement Employment Tax Incentive 

9.3. Productivity Bonus

  • Clause 40 Annexure D must be amended to replace the word ‘may’ by shall. Production bonus should be compulsory because there are some employers who are not willing to pay a voluntary production bonus at company level  
10. Benefits

 10.1. Severance Pay

  • We demand 4 weeks’ pay for each year of service. 

10.2. Ex Gratia Payment

  • For 5 to 10 years of service they must get 3 weeks payment
  • For 11 to 15 years of service they must get 4 weeks payment
  • 16 years of service and above they must get 5 weeks of payment 

10.3. Load shedding/ Inclement weather/Unforeseen Circumstances

  • Workers must be paid 8 hours during load shedding, inclement weather and unforeseen circumstances not 4 hours as stipulated in the main agreement.