The liberation movement ceases!

The liberation movement ceases!
When the revolutionary movement ceases to lead
When social distance becomes a norm
When interaction with the workers and the people become a visit
When the dream of majority is slowly vanishing
Leadership do not feel the people’s sufferings
When your own people are not a lively inspiration
When deployment is equal to outsourcing of leaders
When the movement outsources itself from its own people
When liberation is about the leaders themselves
Our people not the revolutionary liberators anymore
When so- called celebrity status and high office are equated to power
When electioneering not service delivery becomes central
When electioneering becomes the life blood of the movement
When liberators share platforms with unknown parties
Parties are without revolutionary credentials
When workers start to lose hope in their own movement
When the masses’ needs are continuous promises
When the mandate of the movement is not from the owners
When party accountability is seen to be a distance away
Democratic centralism not an end, but a process from below
When insults are tossed around our enemies and ourselves equally
When corruption is tossed against us by our detractors
When our silence on corruption is louder than the opposition’s
When revolutionary morality walks out of the window
Our today’s walk is in tangent from the footprints of our forebears
When the liberation movement ceases to lead
When hegemonic political alliance is challenged internally
When the struggle is equated to wealth accumulation
When high walls and electric fence give a sense of security, not the people,
The people shall govern and the people shall share is forsaken
When perceptions create confusion among communities
When the glory of the movement becomes a sentimental history
When the nexus of the struggle and the actual liberation is dull
When the connection of progressive policies and implementation is in vain
The economic development not led by the toilers.
When the liberation movement ceases!
When the revolutionary movement ceases to lead, ceases to lead!
Poem by, Phutase Tseki