We are close to reaching our 400K membership!

As we prepare for our decisive Special National Congress (SNC), scheduled for next week December 13-until-16, 2013, our membership amazingly continues to surpass our annual targets.
During the launch of our membership recruitment campaign, on May 17, 2013, we set ourselves a target of 400 000 membership by year 2016, as mandated by the 9th National Congress, held last year (2012) in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.
By the end of September 2013, our total membership stood at 329, 692. This is not only history in the making, but it’s the biggest membership achievement for any of COSATU’s affiliates since the advent of our new democratic dispensation.
The serving National Office Bearers (NOBs’) are pleased to announce that our membership as of November 2013, now stands at 333 241. We owe this massive growth of the union of Vuyisile Mini; Jabulile Ndlovu; John Gomomo; Mtutuzeli Tom and countless others in the land of the departed, to our continued preservation of our founding traditions – worker control; accountability, worker democracy and quality service to members.
It is quite interesting that our growth is happening amidst serious attacks directed towards NUMSA, and attempts to weaken and fragment COSATU by those opposed to a militant and fighting labour movement in South Africa.
Our growth and continued strength buries false accusations levelled at NUMSA by those opposed to our political posture and militancy to deliver decent wages and improved living conditions for workers, amidst capitalist greed and barbarity in our country.
Castro Ngobese National
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