NUMSA accepts Fuel Retailers wage offer for Garage workers

The Numsa Special National Executive Committee (NEC) was convened today, Friday 27th September 2013, to update the NEC on the outcome of negotiations with the RMI and FRA as well as the engagement with the Minister of Labour and Minister of Energy.

Having noted the improved wage offer with respect to garage workers, the NEC resolved as follows;

The improved offer of 11, 6%, 9% and 9% for 2013, 2014 and 2015 respectively is recommended for acceptance to Numsa striking members in the fuel retail sector. This is a victory given the 7.5% offered by motor bosses at the point of deadlock.

Closing of the wage gap between urban and rural areas for garage workers (which is known as area differentials) by 2019 is recommended for acceptance by Numsa striking members in the fuel retail sector.

During the report back of the NEC’s settlement proposal, Numsa striking members in the fuel retail sector must be requested to return to work on Monday 30th September 2013 with employers allowing workers who may not have received the message to return to work, to return in the week of the 30th September – 4 October.

The strike in all other sectors of the motor industry – components manufacturers, truck body & trailer builders, panel beaters, spares shops, car and parts dealership and fitment workshops – continues unless employers offer improvements on wages, peace clause and threshold at the negotiations which will resume at 16h00 today.

Numsa salutes all striking Numsa members in the motor industry for having sacrificed their income for 3 weeks to champion a better life for their families. We are proud of you.


Irvin Jim, General Secretary, 0731576384


Karl Cloete, Deputy General Secretary, 083389077