Motor Strike update – 18 September 2013

Negotiations continued on Monday September 16 but no deal was sealed.

Employers insisted that they want us to give them an undertaking on the peace clause. This peace clause will prevent strikes on every issue while the agreement is in place. It will stop us striking even on issues that are not in the agreement. Numsa is refusing to give up these rights that we have won over many years of struggle.

On Sunday September 15 a special NEC was held in Johannesburg. The NEC decision agreed to intensify the strike. However, we have put intensification on hold until another negotiations meeting with motor employer organisations, FRA and RMI, takes place today, September 18.

Kempton Park arrests
On Thursday September 12, the NTT task team received sad news that 59 of our members in Kempton Park were arrested for protesting. Despite our best efforts by our legal team, they were only granted bail and released on Monday September 16. Numsa paid their bail of R2000 each.

Complaints of intimidations by RMI to NUMSA
We have received lots of complaints from employers alleging that our members are harassing and intimidating some employees.
We are still following up on these allegations. So far, we have found that the vast majority of these allegations lack substance.

Court interdict from the employer
On Tuesday September 17, the court granted an interdict to employers. The main aim of the interdict is not to stop employees from picketing, but to stop them from picketing inside employer’s premises.

It also prohibits strikers from:
• Preventing non-striking employees from reporting for work

• Assaulting, intimidating and threatening to assault any customer or non-striking employee or replacement employee of any member.

Make sure you attend meetings at your local office so you can get updates and report to other striking motor members.