Join the motor marches

If you are a motor member, join the motor marches across the country:

Western Cape: 9 September
Gauteng          : 9 September
MP                   : 11 September
Eastern Cape :12 September
NC                    : 12 September
KZN                  : 12 September

Our core demands to the Fuel Retailers Association (FRA) and the Retail Motor Industry (RMI) are reasonable and achievable.

• Double digit increases
• Amending the industry peace clause
• Shift allowance
• Short-time
• Banning of labour brokers

If you can’t join the marches, you can picket/demonstrate at your company.

Before you picket, your shop steward(s) must negotiate with the employer where you can picket. Use the picketing agreement that Numsa has signed with motor employers to help you negotiate. (Download it here)

Key parts of the picketing agreement
• The purpose of the picket must be peaceful demonstrations:
o in support of the protected strike,
o to encourage non-striking employees and members of the public to support the strike and/or in opposition of any lock-out.

• Pickets must be peaceful and picketers must be unarmed.

• Picketers can hand out pamphlets as long as these pamphlets are not ‘propaganda for war’ or ‘incitement of imminent violence’

• Picketers may not:
o intimidate non-striking employees
o compel people to stop and listen to their demands
o obstruct vehicles or traffic entering or leaving company premises
o obstruct moving traffic on the roads
o behave in a provocative manner or one which could incite violence or intimidation
o carry dangerous weapons
o use language that insults and/or defames any person
o damage or threaten to damage company property or property of personnel, customers or suppliers

• Marshalls appointed by the union must oversee the pickets.

Who can picket?
• Members, non-union members and the supporters of the trade union may participate in the picket. Supporters may include non-striking employees, society members, temporary workers in the company and union officials.

Where can the picket take place?
• 10 meters outside the company premises (or as per agreement with the company) OR
• Inside the employer’s premises if the company gives permission

What facilities must available to picketers?
• Access to water and toilet facilities

• Where this is not possible, employers must ensure availability of water and toilets as agreed between workers and employers

• Reasonable access to telephone and fax facilities so that the shop stewards can communicate with the union.