Frequently asked questions by members on the motor strike

Frequently asked questions on the motor strike

1. Will I be paid if I go on strike?
No you will not. The principle of “NO WORK, NO PAY” applies.

2. Can I be disciplined for going on strike?
No you cannot be disciplined for going on strike. The strike is protected. BUT if you intimidate or incite other workers to commit violent acts, damage property, damage personal property, you could be subject to discipline.

3. I work as a petrol attendant but I do not belong to Numsa. Can I go on strike?
Yes. Anyone who falls under the motor agreement is covered by this strike.

4. I work as a cashier in Woolworths at the Engen garage. Can I go on strike?
Yes, you do fall under the motor agreement. You can go on strike.

5. I work at the Wimpy next to the Engen garage. Can I go on strike?
No. You are not categorized as a motor worker. You fall under the catering sector and are covered by a different agreement. This sector is not on strike.

6. My employer says they are not members of FRA or RMI, I am not allowed to strike. Is this true, what must I do or say?
You have the right to strike, as long as your company is within MIBCO. You must tell your employer that you have the right to strike, to support the demands. The strike is protected in term of the Labour Relations Act.

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