NUMSA Sedibeng region supports the motion of NO confidence to the President of COSATU

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) in Sedibeng Region representing 15 000 metalworkers are in full support of the call of no confidence in the President of Cosatu Sidumo Dlamini, as articulated by Numsa’s National Office Bearers (NOBs’), properly mandated by the Central Committee (CC) that was held on Sunday 11 August 2013.

In fact this call is long overdue given the fact that towards the 11th National Congress of Cosatu, we were concerned of the two voices descending from Cosatu House. The Cosatu General Secretary will go out on media announcing the position of the working class and reflecting on resolutions and campaigns going forward and immediately thereafter, the Cosatu’s President will follow and provide a different perspective.

As a region, we have long lost confidence of the Cosatu President. Towards the 11th National Congress we were amongst the regions that were making a call for the removal of the same President. We were defeated by the call for unity within the federation and went along with the decision to retain all leadership of the federation. We were hoping that the President of Cosatu will turn a new leaf and unite the federation.

It is unfortunate that immediately after the Congress the same President went ahead in pursuit of the liquidation of the General Secretary of Cosatu and ganged up with forces of darkness that demanded the head of Comrade Zwelinzima Vavi. This is the same President who went public to announce to the ANC that he will make sure that Cosatu toe the line. That was at this point that we asked ourselves as to who’s interest does the President of Cosatu speak. This is the same President who never uttered a word when one of the affiliates suggested that Numsa should be dismissed from the federation. Now how can we put our trust in such a person? Being elected into a senior position through a democratic process is a privilege. It does not turn you into a CEO.

When we resolved that some of our leaders should be part of the ANC NEC, we were not giving the comrades a ticket to look for greener pastures at the expense of the working class and the poor. Their mandate was to go and influence the ANC in pursuit of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) and Socialism. We have started to realise that the President of the federation has taken our mandate for granted and instead is using his influence to silence the federation and turn it into a labour desk and lapdog of the ruling class.

Enough is enough, we will never ever allow that Cosatu be locked in a cage in the same manner it was done with the SACP. This federation will never be liquidated and silenced by our detractors and enemies. Our view as a region is that Comrade Zwelinzima Vavi remains the voice of the working class and the poor.

We add our voices to the call of a Special Congress of Cosatu which will serve as a platform for the working class to decide their own destiny and identify and elect the leadership that will continue to uphold the tradition and values of the federation and continue to fight and campaign against e-tolls, labour broking, corruption, unemployment, poverty and the high level of inequality in this country. We want a federation that will champion industrialisation, beneficiation and nationalisation of the commanding heights of the economy like the Reserve Bank, Arcelor Mittal and Sasol. In fact we want the federation that will not shy away from engaging the ANC led government to implement the Freedom Charter as a whole. When we voted in 1994 we never voted for the high levels of unemployment, poverty and inequality that the working class and the poor are currently experiencing in this country.

The Cosatu that champions working class interests does not need a person of the calibre of the current President of Cosatu.


Mokete Makoko
Regional Secretary
Mobile: 083 297 8784