NUMSA buys R30 000 building material for rural school on Mandela day

Numsa’s Eastern Cape region collected clothes including 200 white school shirts from theirmembers and took them to the Tyongwana school in the Eastern Cape as part of Numsa’s Mandela Day activities.
The school is situated in Lusikisiki District in a very rural area with no water and electricity.
Numsa also bought R30 000 worth of building materials to assist the school.
“We also donated 331 pairs of school shoes sponsored by our investment company,” said Cecily Scheepers, Numsa’s Eastern Cape gender coordinator.
“The school has no electricity and the only improvement since we were there last year was a few newly built toilets. The small Zozo hut hut that acts as a classroom was still precariously balancing on bricks as we saw last year. The regional department of education says the school is not in line to receive any assistance with building in this financial year.”
“We met the minister of basic education at the hotel where we slept and she promised assistance if we can send pictures of the school. “If the school was not so very far the minister said she would have gone with us to the school. She said she might accompany us next time we go there. The Principal as well as the Education department thanked our progressive trade union for the initiative to adopt the school”, said Cecilia Scheepers.
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