NDP has no vision to change unemployment

Numsa’s national bargaining confer­ence is taking place under the theme “Redistribution of wealth now as demanded by the Freedom Charter”.

In his opening address to the NBC, Numsa president, Cedric Gina, raised many important issues like the National Development Plan (NDP), the Free Market Foundation led by Herman Mashaba, the attack on Numsa general secretary, in particular by some leaders in the progressive alliance.

The president reminded those who criticize Numsa by rejecting the NDP, that in 2009 Numsa had a problem with Trevor Manuel, the person that was appointed to head this commission.

Numsa’s objection was informed by the fact that Manuel since 1994 had chosen to champion neo-liberal policies like GEAR, which resulted in many people losing their jobs and some being casualised.

Numsa views the NDP as a policy document that has no vision to change the persisting crisis of unemployment, in-equality and poverty. Instead it reverses some of the gains won since 1994 through the LRA.

The president expressed shock that the SACP, which is supposed to be the vanguard of the working class has endorsed the NDP.