Numsa’s Critique on the NDP continues

Since April 2013, Numsa national office bearers have been crossing the country explaining to shopstewards what it deems as the neoliberalism in the National Development Plan (NDP).

Find Numsa’s criticisms of the NDP here.

See below for the actual documents:

1. Numsa president, Cedric Gina outlines the key issues which Numsa finds problematic in the NDP document and explains how it challenges the interests of the working class.

2. Numsa General Secretary, Irvin Jim input to the COSATU Gauteng  organised Socialist Forum held on Sunday 28 April 2013, at Sharpeville Community Hall, Sharpeville, Gauteng province

Links to other NDP articles 

1. Numsa press statement 19 March 2013 on why Numsa rejects the NDP

2. the initial presentation from the NOBs to shop steward councils – 

3. the cartoon,