Government must cut ties with Swaziland

Numsa calls on SA Business to De-Invest in Swaziland and our own Government to cut diplomatic ties with Swaziland.

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) joins the revolutionary forces inside our country and the world over in pledging our solidarity with the freedom and democracy loving people of Swaziland, under the current King Mswati and Royal autocracy dictatorship.

Today 12 April 2013, marks 40 years of the introduction of the unjust Tinkhundla system and suppression of people’s rights by the Royal autocracy led by the current King’s father, the late King Sobhuza, which made Swaziland and her people to be subjects, as opposed to citizens, to an illegitimate and unelected Royal Aristocracy. For 40 years political activity is criminalized in Swaziland and political parties are outlawed. Activists are arrested tortured and exiled.

As Metalworkers, we pledge our unconditional support and solidarity with the workers and the rural poor of Swaziland. We call on the democratic forces in Swaziland to make Swaziland ungovernable geared towards the revolutionary seizure of power in the interest of the masses. History has taught us that no government or oppressive regime surrenders power willy-nilly, but it is through mass mobilization and agitation that power can be captured by the democratic forces. Clearly power will never been won under King Mswati and Royal autocracy terms and conditions, this revolutionary moment and period must serve as a beginning of mass scale activities geared towards overthrowing King Mswati ruling autocracy.

We re-iterate our calls for all South African owned-companies operating in Swaziland to de-invest until King Mswati’s regime is replaced by a democratically elected government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Furthermore, we call on the ANC-led Alliance government to cut diplomatic ties and isolate King Mswati’s regime until he introduces democratic reforms and democratic elections in Swaziland. Metalworkers believe that our country cannot continue to have relations with countries run by dictators, like King Mswati. The relations with Swaziland send a wrong message of legitimizing dictatorships.

We support fully the demands of the people of Swaziland. The removal of all draconian laws, the unbanning of political parties, unconditional release of political prisoners; including the captured comrade by the regime Bheki Dlamini the President of the Youth League of the liberation movement, PUDEMO; and the return of all political exiles. The unbanning of the country’s only trade union federation TUCOSWA, which was banned by the Swazi regime. And democratic elections under multiparty system and a democratic constitution

Castro Ngobese, National Spokesperson – 081 011 113