A tribute to Comrade Chris Hani

Dear comrades,

In remembrance of our people’s hero, revolutionary communist and martyr comrade Chris Hani, I have recollected some of his most prophetic quotes from The Star newspaper for your consumption and future use.

Let’s use this period or moment to celebrate the exemplary life of this loyal servant and great leader of our people – Chris Hani never died! He multiplied – Chris is the Freedom Charter, written by the Congress of the People in 1955. He was amongst millions that voted ANC in 1994.

He is the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) as adopted by the ANC-led Alliance government. He is the vanguard of workers struggle for equitable redistribution of wealth at the point of production.

He lives amongst the poor of Diepsloot and Sebalele. He is part of the many violent service delivery protests taking place in working class and poor communities. He is the voice of the wretched of the earth and down-trodden. He is part of the reserve army of the unemployed youth. He is the key strategist of the Striking Committees in the platinum mines of Rustenburg. He is people’s solidarity with the oppressed Swaziland masses!

Below are Chris Hani’s quotes:

On the Army:

“A new South African army must be loyal to a democratic government and accountable to parliament or, if you like, civilian authority and the constitution. The army must never be used by any political party to entrench itself in power. Armies must be seen as the helpers of the people, who help during natural disasters, building bridges. We would not want a future army to be deployed to stop people from exercising their right to demonstrate”.

On Peace:

“What we need in South Africa is for egos to be suppressed in favour of peace. We need to create a new breed of South Africans who love their country and love everybody, irrespective of their colour”.

On death:

“The police see me as the brains and key strategist. I have given up trying to prove that I am campaigning for peace. These guys see me as someone who is bad news. I fear that there are people who have the capacity to eliminate me. I am frightened about what they are planning”.

On life and the struggle:

“I’ve never wanted to spare myself because I feel there are people who are no longer around and died for this struggle. What right to I have to hold back, to rest, to preserve my health, to have time with my family, when there are other people who are no longer alive – when they sacrificed what is precious: namely life itself”.