Numsa opposed to the redeployment of Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor!

Numsa opposed to the redeployment of Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor!
25 February 2013

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) rejects the planned intentions by the African National Congress (ANC) to redeploy the current Mayor of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality comrade Zanoxolo Wayile to National Assembly.

We strongly believe that the deployment of comrade Wayile to his current position as an Executive Mayor was a shared outcome of the Alliance as led by the ANC and affirmed the centrality of the working class leadership of our broad liberation movement.

Any redeployment or matters related deployment should be done in consultation with the Alliance, and not done in manner that antagonises Alliance relations.

Comrade Wayile has been a victim of a well-orchestrated campaign led by certain key and powerful leaders within the ANC Regional Executive Committee (ANC), since his ascendency to the position of the Executive Mayor.

He has been subjected to all manner of infamy, including public attacks or political humiliation from within and by his trusted comrades in the broad liberation movement as led by the ANC. We are convinced that the redeployment of comrade Wayile has nothing to do with accelerating service delivery, but to serve the interests of certain powerful individual leaders who want to tenderize the ANC.

The fundamental question we want to pose to our ANC and the Regional leadership, what have they done to bring to book the perpetrators of fraud and corruption as contained in the Kabuso Report? Clearly comrade Wayile is now paying for his sins for having the political guts and will to investigate his fellow comrades. This makes the fight against corruption ring hollow and rhetorical.

As Numsa, we call on the ANC to convene an Alliance meeting to discuss this as a matter of urgency. We are adamant that this is an own goal which seeks to hand-over electoral power on a silver platter to the DA.


Phumzile Nodongwe, Numsa Eastern Cape Regional Secretary 0788023i40