Toyota Boshoku Workers to return to work

24 October 2012

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) in KwaZulu-Natal province has called-off the Toyota Boshuko strike, after Boshuko management conceded to workers demand.

The Retention Allowance will hence be enjoyed by all workers, irrespective of their skills or grades. The union had declared a dispute in 2009, but the employer had been consistently applying courts interdict –after- interdict to declare the dispute null and void.

Last week Wednesday 17 October 2012, workers went on a protected strike after being infuriated by the company’s unilateral decision to give a Retention Allowance of R1500 only to skilled workers.

The strike action had a huge negative impact on Toyota SA production targets and some component manufactures were compelled to declare short times.

“Our strike action forced the employer to jump back to the negotiations table. We went to their air-conditioned bargaining chambers amidst their growing arrogance to criminalise workers demands, including stinking union bashing tactics and scare language by self-anointed spokespersons of the exploiting capitalist class – Economic Analysts.

We managed to expose their economic bankruptcy by scoring a major victory for workers. Those workers that were excluded from the Retention Allowance will now get R900-00 on top of their monthly wages”, says Mbuso Ngubane.

This offer was presented to workers for acceptance or rejection, surprisingly the majority of workers welcomed the offer.

As Numsa, we have since communicated the acceptance of this offer to the employer. We have since signed a settlement agreement on paper.

All workers have been informed of the settlement agreement and they are expected to resume their shifts as from today (Wednesday 24 October 2012).


Mbuso Ngubane, Regional Secretary – 079 502 3242