NUMSA welcomes the arrest of two suspects in connection with the killing of comrade(s) Bheki Chiliza and Dumisani Malunga!

The KwaZulu-Natal National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) welcomes the swift arrest of two suspects in connection with the cold-blooded murder of Comrade’s Bheki Chiliza, a ANC Branch Secretary and Numsa Port Shepstone Local Chairperson, and ANC Branch Chairperson Dumisani Malunga.

We hope the arrest of the two suspects will shed some light on the underlying or deep-seated reasons behind the atrocious murder of the two Comrade’s Chiliza and Malunga.
We applaud the police for acting swiftly in apprehending the two suspects.

This vigilance and swift action should prevail within the police services in the interest of dealing decisively with politically-motivated killings in the province, particularly in the Lower South Coast region.

Our province KwaZulu-Natal still has deep-seated scars and unhealed wounds inflicted on our poor communities as a result of the apartheid sponsored political violence that ravaged our province during the 80’s and early 90’s.

We are not prepared to allow agents provocateurs or enemies of progress and change to drag us back to that painful and ugly era in which political differences were resolved over the barrel of a gun or through shedding of blood under the current peaceful and democratic dispensation.

We call on our members to swamp the Port Shepstone Magistrate Court precinct tomorrow Thursday 13 September 2012, as part of exerting pressure to the State not to grant the alleged suspects any bail.


Mbuso Ngubane, Regional Secretary, 079 502 3242


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