Numsa sends delegates to Cuba

Numsa sent a two-person delegation to the second conference of young workers in Havana, Cuba. This conference follows the founding conference in Lima, Peru in 2010.

The delegates had an opportunity to be part of workers’ rallies in Havana addressed by the state president Raul Castro.

Part of the declaration adopted by the conference states: “The second conference of the WFTU working youth is taking place in a period of the deepening of the capitalist comprehensive crisis.

It is a crisis which enhances, even more, the sharpening of the basic contradiction between the social character of production and work and the private, capitalist ownership of its results.

Monopolies are fighting each other over who will secure for itself a greater share of the global market.

Action plan
“The conference will promote the action plan approved by the delegates. The new WFTU youth secretariat will be responsible for implementing this action plan.”

“We thank Cuba for its hospitality, for its solidarity with the young workers of the world.”

“The WFTU and its working youth support the resistance of the Cuban revolution during the more than 50 years of cruel US blockade and we demand the release of five Cuban heroes (imprisoned in the US).”


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