‘Joy touches you’

Here she comes again with another, differently balanced album, with 13 tracks.

When you listen to the album, joy touches you, and when bliss flashes inside, you have stronger powers of intuition.

This Dikana daughter from Port Elizabeth comes from a musical family – she is sister to another songbird, Zonke .

Her first album Life and Death was also powerful but never got any award. Her music cannot be easily categorised; it has a gospel, R&B and jazzy vibe and some say describe it as neo-soul.

When her music is playing on radio she is mistaken for Anita Baker, she has that powerful smoky voice that cuts throughto the soul.

These songs, such as He Loves Me, Saviour Keep Moving and Number 1, show us that we can be so tender to one another, so true, so free, so humane, so brave and pure.

We need much more music like Dikana’s , to crack the ice and make the frozen blood of humanity flow again. –


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