The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) congratulates COSATU’s 2nd Deputy President and a NUMSA Shop steward Comrade Zingiswa Losi on her election as the Co-Convenor of the Progressive Women’s Movement of South Africa (PWMSA).

We also congratulate Comrade Hlengiwe Mkhize, the Treasurer-General of the ANC Women’s League on her election as the Convenor of the PWMSA.

The election of Comrade Losi as a Co-Convenor of the PWMSA signal proof that trade unionists in the Liberation Movement in general and society continue to enjoy our people’s confidence and trust, and are looked upon as capable leaders.

Comrade Losi’s election happens at the backdrop of massive gains made by South African women over the past 18 years since the1994 democratic breakthrough.

The South African women, particularly the working class and poor women are faced with the burden of deepening gender inequalities underpinned by the legacy of apartheid Colonialism of a Special Type (CST) and the realities of socio-economic pitfalls as presented by the colonial character of our capitalist economy in our country and broader society.

We remain convinced that Comrade Losi represents an ebullient future of our collective resolve and struggles of building a truly non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and egalitarian society free from all forms of exploitation.

The PWMSA should be at the forefront of leading popular struggles faced by ordinary working class and poor women of our country, as opposed to being a vehicle for accumulation for middle class and better educated women who have made the most gains through the support of powerful political individuals.

We call on the South African women to take an active role in the campaigns and activities of the PWMSA geared towards the transformation of gender relations in our society.

The PWMSA should lead popular struggles for fair and equal redistribution of income at the point of production, democratisation of the workplace, and better and faster service delivery in our communities.

The PWMSA remains a key revolutionary tool or weapon in advancing the interests of South African women and broader societal transformation.


Castro Ngobese, National Spokesperson – 083 627 5197


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