The Numsa 9th National Congress will take place from 4-8 June 2012 at Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre in Durban.

Numsa 9th National Congress – 4-8 June 2012

Read the documents for discussion here.

1. Numsa’s Political, Economic, Social and International Trajectory since 2008

2. Numsa critique of the NDP document of the NPC

3. Numsa and Nationalisation: The economic basis of the struggle for freedom

4. Numsa’s perspectives and critique of South Africa’s monetary and financial policy post 1994: a synoptic view

5. Towards a metallic minerals beneficiation strategy for South Africa

6. Rural development and agriculture post 1994: the NDP and the crisis of rural and agricultural development

Watch this space – more documents will be put here as and when they are complete